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Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before and After Nobody Perfect

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Celebrity Plastic Surgery Before and After: Nobody's Perfect

A lot might be wondering about the secrets of beauty, the methods in which will be able to enhance the attractiveness and the charms of oneself. There are numerous ways out of the painful circle, the cycle of disappointment as everyone knows well that 'nobody's perfect'. Just because people are born without inheriting a face like Megan Fox or Emma Watson doesn't mean that these people should get lesser attention and worse treatments. For not being beautiful, it is not one's fault but a natural selection that involves around the reasoning behind science. With the improvements and development of growing technology, tools, and ideas people come up with, the cosmetic plastic surgery is introduced to the society. Although the introduction of plastic surgery did not gain optimistic views towards its early surgical processes and ideas, the current society needs it as people crave for it day by day.

Celebrities: Main Influences of Plastic Surgery

As people know, plastic surgery can both be a negative or a positive operation upon one's appearance. Celebrities and famous stars have the perfect, ideal appearances people look up to and are chasing to have the look these people are having. However, there is no such thing as natural beauty in the media and entertainment world. Although there is some among the celebrities, not all are naturally beautiful from head to toe. Celebrity plastic surgery before and after photos are as well revealed online to wake people up from their dreams and face reality. There may be stars who are actually beautiful before but in some cases, plastic surgery turned them into horrible witches and monsters.

As people love their favorite stars starring in the best dramas or singing in enormous stages, the Hollywood stars and famous people actually have a great impact and influence upon individuals ranging from teens to adults. When celebrities have the ideal faces or slim, long legs, people started craving for those features they thought are perfect. As the before and after plastic surgery revealed how celebrities were before getting all the recognition, people may have been deeply hurt or take the samples as their inspiration to go under the knife. However, it is best for individuals to look at themselves, know what they need, and use the computer wisely to search for reviews upon the operations and get as much information possible beforehand.

There is always the good and the bad in every matter or situation people face. Since there needs to be a presence of balance and a space for reasoning, plastic surgery seems to be the best example people can refer to as a reference. As plastic surgery is a medical process or operation done to change, reform, replace, or add in order to enhance the beauty and push the levels of self-esteem, it is crucial to analyze both the pros and cons of the operantio before moving on. Pricey, addictive, and riskiness are the main cons of plastic surgery. However, the good might bring about perfect results and granting people with the ideal looks they are craving for. 



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